Advanced Polymer Materials Section

Head of Section

dr inż. Jarosław Przybylski
tel. +48 568 26 46, +48 568 26 47

Research topics

1. Synthesis of polyurethanes and silicone-urethanes cross-linking with atmospheric moisture,
2. Aqueous dispersions of polyurethanes, silicone-urethanes, acrylic-urethanes, silicone-acrylics, acrylic-alkyds, especially for use as coating materials,
3. Isocyanate modification of asphaltenes, coal tar pitch and hydrocarbon resins,
4. Association of polyurethane thickeners,
5. Aging and application tests of adhesives, coatings, putties and compositions,
6. Polymeric plasticizers for PVC,
7. Solvent-free and water-dispersible binders for UV-crosslinking coatings,
8. Silicone-urethanes as:

  • living cell scaffolds,
  • solid polymer electrolytes,
  • membranes for separation of liquid and gaseous mixtures,

9. Polymer nanopowders as impact modifiers for powder coatings and polymer plastics,
10. Coating materials for special applications, e.g. self-healing polymeric coatings, electromagnetic radiation shielding, etc,
11. Reticulated glassy carbon,
12. Polymeric consumables used in 3D printers’.
13. Studies of selected properties of coating materials (paints and varnishes).
14. Synthesis, optimization and modification of vinyl and specialty polymers including: , poly(vinyl chloride), poly(vinyl butyral), .poly(phenylene oxide), poly(methylene oxide), polyacrylate
15. Technology for the manufacture of suspension PVC – all aspects, including scaling up processes carried out under laboratory conditions to pilot and industrial scale.
16. Technology for manufacturing PVC nanocomposites produced “in-situ” – laboratory scale, pilot scale.
17. Technology of production of polyacetals – large-laboratory and industrial scale, physical modification, development of design assumptions of the process of production of polyacetals on an industrial scale.
18. Cationic copolymerization of trioxane with various comonomers, selection of initiators.
19. Selection of composition and processing conditions of PVC blends, including those containing recycled PVC.