Microbiological Analysis Section

Head of Section

mgr Bogna Piątkowska

tel. +48 22 378 61 70

The Microbiological Analysis Team carries out works in the field of microbiological tests for clients from industry as well as a part of the internal cooperation of Łukasiewicz-ICHP. The Microbiological Analysis Team has a GMP certificate and is regularly audited by the companies commissioning the tests and by the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspectorate (GIF). In addition to standard analysis in quality control, the team is also getting along with developing of methods for specific pharmaceutical and other products.

Scope  of activities:

  • sterility tests
  • examination of microbiological purity
  • testing of bacterial endotoxins (gel-clot method: limit test)
  • the test for efficacy of antimicrobial preservation
  • testing the effectiveness of disinfectants
  • environmental monitoring of clean rooms
  • tests of fertility and sterility of microbiological media
  • validation and transfers of microbiological methods – confirmation of the suitability of the methods for the application.

  Research potential:

  • Cleanrooms, including class B,
  • laminar flow cabinets,
  • incubators, autoclave, sterilizer, water bath, analytical balances, steritest and other supplementary devices for analysis.