Silica and titania-silica nanomaterials for high-tech applications

Functionalized and non-functionalized nanomaterials are new group of nanomaterials with unique properties resulting from exactly defined structure of these materials. Silica and titania-silica nanomaterials are characterised by desired uniform spherical particle size within the range of 30–600 nm, specific surface area within 300–1500 m2/g as well as the defined kind and content of functional groups. These nanomaterials assigned for high-tech applications, especially as nanofillers for polymer nanocomposites and as nanocatalysts.

A brief description of the technology

The process of silica and titania-silica nanomaterials manufacturing according to sol-gel process is realised in precisely defined conditions (mixing speed, temperature, pH) in water-alcohol medium by using silane and titania precursors.

This technology gives the possibility of various modification of nanosilica according to application needs. The process is waste less.

Advantages of the technology offered

The most important advantage of this technology is the possibility of steering the synthesis process enabling acquisition of unique products characterised by the properties focused on given application. The main direction of production based on volume of production is manufacturing of nanofillers for polymer nanocomposites.


The production line should contain enamel autoclave of the proper volume equipped with dosing system, heating-cooling jacket for synthesis in the temperature range 20–25 °C, solvents regeneration unit and drying unit (e.g. spray drier).


Patent application No PL 198 188 (2008): „The method of manufacturing of silica nanopowders, also functionalized”.

Patent application No PL 204 519 (2010) „The method of manufacturing of titania-silica nanopowders”.

Market competitiveness

On the Polish market there are not manufacturers of silica and titania-silica nanomaterials.


  • Pilot scale production in Chemical Plant POLISH SILICONES Ltd. The manufactured sols and nanopowders were applied for the production of PVC nanocomposite in SPOLANA Works Anwil Group and for the production of nanocomposite in GEO GLOBE POLSKA Ltd.
  • Awards on prestigious inventions fairs (gold medal Brussels 2005, Moscow 2007, Warsaw 2007, silver medal Genève 2006).


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