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Products offered by the Institute

Konsil Z

Konsil Z Super
Two-component silicone waterproofing agents for external use on stone (sandstone, marble, granite and terrazzo) and for maintenance of masonry, walls, sculptures, monuments, tombs, bricks and other porous construction materials.
Konsil Z Super also features anti-fungus and anti-lichen properties.
Konsil Z and Konsil Z Super packaging available: 1 l, 5 l, 10 l, 30 l and 60 l.

Acid-based cleaning agent

Agent for chemical cleaning of building facades, stone surfaces (sandstone, granite, terrazzo and clinker bricks) and skylights, industrial facilities, glasshouse walls.
Packaging available: 1 l and 5 l.

Leposil K1

Two-component silicone binding agent used with putty and mortar to fill in creases and dents in sandstone, limestone, marble, brick and gypsum.
Packaging available: 0,5 l and 1 l.

Glue for boat-building

Two-component epoxy glue, used for cold gluing of wood, especially in boat-building.
Packaging available: 5 kg glue + 1 kg hardener.


Acrylic glue used in manufacturing of various adhesive materials such as tape, labels and wallpaper.
Sold by the kilogram.

Motofix – liquid seal

Liquid polyurethane sealant used for sealing flat and threaded metal surfaces.
Packaging available: 4 kg.

Peel-off lacquer

Lacquer used for insulating parts during plating (electro-galvanizing) of various products e.g. knife edges during silver-plating. It provides protection of transported metal goods from the elements.
Packaging available: 3 kg.



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