Dietary suplements

Spinalpep – a nutraceutical combining peptides and yeast

This nutraceutical can be applied as a dietary supplement and support therapy of sclerosis multiplex.

A brief description of the process

Production can proceed in pressure-less conditions, at temperature £ 80 °C, raw material – pork spinal cord.

Advantages of the technology offered

Due to the combination of yeast and a mixture of short peptides, Spinalpep can be applied as a nutrient or in support of the sclerosis multiplex therapy. Short peptides are able to pass the intestinal barrier, get into the blood circulation and perform there a specific biological role. Therefore obtaining and administering of short peptides as nutraceutical components has huge potential application in both feeding healthy organisms and in therapeutic support.


The production process can be performed in typical apparatus and devices used in enzymatic and fermentation processes.

Advancement of proceedings

There has been developed a technology to produce protein hydrolyzates (pilot scale) to be used as a nutraceutical. Talks concerning industrial implementation of the technology are under way.


Pat. PL 215 480 (2013) „Method to obtain peptide preparations for oral administering”.

Market competitiveness

The preparation has properties supporting therapy of sclerosis multiplex. The technology allows to obtain peptide mixtures from any sort of protein fractions. Selection of proteins and of created from them peptides can be made depending on the desired final effect. No similar preparation on the market.

Type of expected cooperation

Cooperation in production organization.


Katarzyna Kurzepa, MSc., Chem. Eng.

phone: + 48 22 568 28 49