Minisynthesis Division

The Minisynthesis Division researches technologies for producing active pharmaceutical substances and manufactures such substances on a small scale, from grams to kilograms. Research work focuses on the development of manufacturing technologies, mainly scale-up, process optimization and validation. Developed technologies are applied in the company’s own manufacturing division or offered to other pharmaceutical companies. Employees at the plant have extensive experience in conducting syntheses at various scales, working with aggressive chemicals such as hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, sulfur dioxide, organometallic compounds (e.g., Grignard compounds, alkyllithium) and purifying substances using a variety of techniques.

Active pharmaceutical substances (APIs) are produced at the Minisynthesis Division in dedicated facilities with all the requirements of good manufacturing practice (GMP). We have GMP certificates issued by the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector for alfacalcidol, calcifediol, calcitriol, calcipotriol, tacalcidol, anastrozole and latanoprost. Our products are sold all over the world: Japan, China, Thailand, Mexico and numerous European countries.


Agnieszka Zaniewska, M.Sc.

tel. +48 22 568 23 68