Trade Division

The task of the Trade Division is to cooperate with business customers who are interested in obtaining active substances (APIs) for production or commercial purposes, as well as to promote pharmaceutical products manufactured at the Institute. Our goal is also to attract new business partners and scientific and research entities to cooperate in the development of the product offer of our Institute, which has many years of experience in chemical synthesis.

In cooperation with the Minisynthesis and Semi-Technical Departments, we are responsible for coordinating the production process and negotiating the terms of sale of pharmaceutical certified products offered to customers.

Our expertise and experience translate into the highest quality of business services in relations with customers.

In addition to the active substances, our team is fully responsible for the medicinal product called Biodribin® and its approval for the pharmaceutical market.



Dr. Anna Nikonowicz

tel. +48 22 568 22 04

+48 601 191 135

OFFER of the Department of Pharmaceutical Products